Who came up with the Trojan horse idea? who won the Trojan war

Answer: Odysseus, The Greek

Some extra relevant information:

The Trojan Horse is one of the most famous mythical stories from the Trojan War, which took place in ancient Greece. The idea for the Trojan Horse originated from the Greek poet and playwright, Homer, who recounted the tale in his epic poem, the Iliad.

According to the legend, after ten long years of battling, the Greeks devised a clever plan to infiltrate the city of Troy, which had remained impregnable throughout the war. The Greek hero Odysseus came up with the idea of constructing a gigantic wooden horse as a gift to the Trojans, with a select group of Greek warriors hiding inside.

The Trojans, believing that the Greeks had retreated after laying siege to their city for a decade, considered the horse a sign of victory. Despite some warnings, they brought the horse within the city walls as a symbol of their conquest. Little did they know that this was a treacherous ploy by the Greeks.

Under the cover of darkness, the Greek warriors emerged from the Trojan Horse, opened the city gates, and allowed their fellow soldiers, who had sailed back in secrecy, to enter and attack the unprepared Trojans. Ultimately, the Greeks emerged triumphant, overthrowing Troy and ending the ten-year-long Trojan War.

In conclusion, the Trojan Horse idea was proposed by the Greek hero Odysseus in the mythical tale as narrated by the ancient poet Homer. The Greeks ultimately won the Trojan War by utilizing this deceptive tactic, resulting in the fall of Troy.

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