You can help your allies build upgraded buildings research technologies and heal troops but how much does each help action fill the progress bar?

Answer: Each help action fills the progress bar by 5%.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, alliance cooperation is essential for the growth and success of your kingdom. One of the ways you can support your allies is by performing help actions, which include building upgrades, researching technologies, and healing troops. These actions not only benefit your allies but also contribute to filling the progress bar. But just how much do these help actions actually fill the progress bar? Let’s find out.

When it comes to building upgrades, each help action typically fills around 5% of the progress bar. This means that if your ally initiates a building upgrade and you contribute by providing help actions, you will fill approximately 5% of the progress bar with each help action you perform. It’s important to note that the actual percentage may vary depending on various factors, including your alliance technology and research advancements.

Similarly, when researching technologies in the alliance technology tree, each help action usually fills around 5% of the progress bar. This means that by contributing your help actions during alliance research, you can steadily fill the progress bar and advance towards unlocking new technologies that benefit everyone in the alliance.

Lastly, healing troops also contributes to filling the progress bar. However, the amount filled per help action for healing is not fixed and varies based on the number of troops being healed. The progress bar will fill more when you heal larger quantities of troops compared to smaller numbers. It’s worth noting that healing severely wounded troops may fill more of the progress bar compared to healing troops with minor injuries.

Remember, helping your allies fill the progress bar not only benefits them but also rewards you with alliance credits, which can be used to purchase various valuable items from the alliance shop.

In conclusion, each help action you perform, whether it’s building upgrades, researching technologies, or healing troops, generally fills around 5% of the progress bar. By actively participating in alliance cooperation, you can contribute to the growth and success of your kingdom while reaping the rewards of a strong and united alliance.

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