How do I use the Scientist once I have received the Scientist title?

Answer: While you have the scientist, just start your research item, then you can give the title back. As long as you start the research while you are the scientist, you will benefit from the buff for the total time of the research item upgrade.

Some extra relevant information:

Once you have obtained the Scientist title in the game Rise of Kingdoms, you will gain access to several powerful abilities and bonuses that can greatly aid your civilization’s development. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of the Scientist title:

1. Research Boost: One of the primary benefits of the Scientist title is the research speed boost it provides. With this title, your civilization’s research speed is significantly increased, allowing you to unlock higher-level technologies and upgrades faster. This is particularly useful for players who focus on technological advancement.

2. Technology Tree Prioritization: As a Scientist, it is essential to prioritize relevant technologies in the research tree. Focus on researching technologies that will benefit your gameplay style or current goals. For example, if you plan to expand your military power, focus on military-related technologies such as infantry, archery, or cavalry upgrades.

3. Utilize Alliance Technology: Being a Scientist provides a valuable advantage to your alliance. Work closely with your alliance members to benefit from the alliance technology research bonuses. Coordinate with your teammates to determine which technologies to prioritize and ensure maximum efficiency.

4. Allocate Skill Points Wisely: The Scientist title unlocks a unique skill tree that allows you to allocate skill points to enhance various aspects of your gameplay. Carefully select the skills that align with your playstyle and goals. For example, investing in research speed and resource generation skills can be beneficial for players who frequently engage in technology advancement.

5. Participate in Events: Rise of Kingdoms regularly features various events that offer rewards and bonuses. As a Scientist, actively participate in events related to research or technology advancement. These events often provide additional boosts and rewards that can further accelerate your civilization’s progress.

6. Coordinate with Alliance Members: Collaborating with your alliance members can maximize the benefits of the Scientist title. Coordinate research timers to minimize research time, share knowledge on effective research strategies, and offer assistance to fellow alliance members who may need help in unlocking specific technologies.

Remember, the Scientist title in Rise of Kingdoms provides a significant advantage in terms of research speed and technological advancement. Utilize this title wisely by prioritizing relevant technologies, making efficient use of skill points, and actively participating in alliance activities. With proper planning and coordination, you can propel your civilization to new heights of power and progress.

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