What information does the item deceptive troops falsify for enemy scout?

Answer: Your city’s unit count.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most strategic aspects is scouting enemy territories to gather valuable intelligence. However, experienced players know that things are not always as they seem. When it comes to scouting enemy troops, the use of deceptive troops can play a crucial role in providing false information to the opposing player.

Deceptive troops are a special type of unit that is specifically designed to mislead and confuse enemy scouts. These units are equipped with unique abilities and characteristics that can falsify important information about the actual size and composition of an army.

When an enemy scout attempts to gather information about a player’s troops, deceptive units are capable of altering the scout’s report. They can manipulate the numbers and type of troops present, making it appear as if there are more or different units than there actually are.

For example, let’s say an enemy scout tries to gather information about a player’s city. If the player has deployed deceptive troops, the scout’s report may inaccurately show a larger number of troops or a different troop composition than what is actually present. This can lead the opposing player to make erroneous assumptions about the player’s strength and military capabilities.

Deceptive troops are not only effective in deceiving enemy scouts but also serve as a valuable defensive strategy. By creating an illusion of a formidable army, players can deter potential attackers and create a sense of uncertainty and doubt among their enemies.

It’s important to note that using deceptive troops requires careful planning and management. Deploying them strategically and in combination with other units can enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, players must continue to maintain a sufficient number of legitimate troops to prevent their true military strength from being easily deciphered.

In conclusion, deceptive troops are a powerful tool in Rise of Kingdoms for misleading enemy scouts and creating an atmosphere of uncertainty. By employing these special units, players can manipulate information about their troops, making it challenging for opponents to gather accurate intelligence. Utilizing deceptive troops effectively can provide a significant advantage in the game’s strategic dynamics.

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