In RoK, Which commander has the nickname “Queen of Sicily”?

Answer: Constance Some extra relevant information: In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, there are numerous commanders each with their own unique abilities, skills, and historical backgrounds. One of these notable commanders is known as the “Queen of Sicily.” So, who exactly holds this legendary nickname? The commander who is referred to as the … Read more

Which commander is known as the Lady of the Mercians?

Answer: Æthelflæd is known as the Lady of the Mercians Some extra relevant information: The commander known as the Lady of the Mercians in Rise of Kingdoms is Aethelflaed. Aethelflaed was the daughter of Alfred the Great, the king of Wessex, and she played a crucial role in defending and expanding the kingdom of Mercia … Read more

Which of the following achievements must be completed before the “Special Snowflake” achievement?

Answer: Long-range strike Some extra relevant information: In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, players strive to complete numerous achievements as they progress through the game. One such achievement that stands out among the rest is the “Special Snowflake” achievement. However, before players can unlock this prestigious achievement, there are a few other milestones … Read more

You can help your allies build upgraded buildings research technologies and heal troops but how much does each help action fill the progress bar?

Answer: Each help action fills the progress bar by 5%. Some extra relevant information: In Rise of Kingdoms, alliance cooperation is essential for the growth and success of your kingdom. One of the ways you can support your allies is by performing help actions, which include building upgrades, researching technologies, and healing troops. These actions … Read more

What information does the item deceptive troops falsify for enemy scout?

Answer: Your city’s unit count. Some extra relevant information: In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most strategic aspects is scouting enemy territories to gather valuable intelligence. However, experienced players know that things are not always as they seem. When it comes to scouting enemy troops, the use of deceptive troops … Read more

What are Halloween bundles?

Answer: These are purchasable (with real money) in the game, and offer a selection on Halloween items and other resources and gems. Some extra relevant information: Halloween bundles are special offers or packages that are available during the Halloween season. These bundles are typically offered in various online games, including Rise of Kingdoms. In Rise … Read more

Where is the alliance shop?

Answer: Tap the Alliance Icon, then you should see the Alliance Shop as one of the icons available to you on the Alliance screen. Some extra relevant information: In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, the Alliance Shop is a crucial feature that offers various rewards and benefits to players. If you’re wondering where … Read more

If you were a scribe what were you exempt from?

Answer: Paying fines when you were sick. Some extra relevant information: As a scribe in ancient times, one held a prestigious position in society, but this role also came with certain exemptions and privileges. Scribes were individuals who possessed the skill of writing and were responsible for recording and documenting important information, such as legal … Read more

Siapakah nama komandan yang terkenal sebagai lady of the mercians?

Answer: Aethelflaed. Some extra relevant information: Aethelflaed, yang juga dikenal sebagai Lady of the Mercians, adalah seorang komandan yang sangat terkenal dalam sejarah Inggris. Dia lahir sekitar tahun 870 dan merupakan putri dari Raja Alfred yang Agung dari Wessex. Aethelflaed adalah salah satu pemimpin wanita yang paling berpengaruh pada masanya. Setelah kematian ayahnya pada tahun … Read more