Which of the following can not be found in a silver chest at the tavern?

Answer: Lvl 3 tome of knowledge

Some extra relevant information:

In the exciting world of Rise of Kingdoms, silver chests obtained from the tavern hold a variety of rewards to aid you in your conquests. These chests provide an assortment of valuable treasures, making them highly sought after by players. However, there is one item you won’t find within a silver chest, and that is the legendary commanders.

While silver chests offer a range of rewards, such as resources, speed-ups, and various items, legendary commanders are exclusive to other chests, known as golden chests. These golden chests are obtained through different means, such as events, special offers, or by purchasing them directly from the game’s store.

Legendary commanders are the crown jewels of Rise of Kingdoms, possessing unique skills and capabilities that can greatly enhance your gameplay. These powerful leaders can turn the tide of battles, accelerate your progress, and provide numerous strategic advantages on the battlefield.

To acquire legendary commanders, you can participate in special events, complete objectives, and compete in various challenges offered by the game. Golden chests obtained in these events have a higher chance of containing these incredible commanders.

It’s important to note that silver chests are still valuable, as they can provide other essential resources and items needed for your kingdom’s growth and development. So, don’t overlook them! Open silver chests regularly to reap the benefits they offer, and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to obtain golden chests for a chance at obtaining those legendary commanders that will strengthen your forces and lead you to victory.

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