Which of the following is used to gather alliance forces?

Answer: Rally.

Some extra relevant information:

In the game Rise of Kingdoms, the alliance system plays a crucial role in building a powerful and successful kingdom. One of the primary methods used to gather alliance forces is through the use of rallies.

Rallies are a coordinated effort where members of an alliance come together under the leadership of one player to launch a joint attack on an enemy target. It allows players to combine their troops, resources, and strategies to achieve a common goal.

To initiate a rally, a player must have the necessary rally capacity, which is determined by the player’s alliance technology and structures. Once the rally is set, alliance members can join by reinforcing the rally leader’s army with their own troops. The more members participating in the rally, the stronger the overall force becomes.

Rallies can be organized for various purposes, such as capturing resource points, attacking barbarian forts, or besieging enemy cities. They are particularly effective for confronting formidable opponents or engaging in large-scale battles.

The success of a rally depends on factors like troop composition, commander skills, and the coordination among participating members. It is essential for rally leaders to communicate their strategy and provide clear instructions to maximize the effectiveness of the gathered forces.

Joining a rally not only allows players to contribute to their alliance’s overall strength but also provides an opportunity to gain rewards and experience from victorious battles. It fosters teamwork, unity, and camaraderie within an alliance, creating a sense of belonging and mutual support.

In conclusion, rallies are a vital tool used in Rise of Kingdoms to gather alliance forces. They enable players to join forces, strategize, and launch coordinated attacks on enemy targets. Effective rally organization and teamwork are key to achieving victory and strengthening the alliance as a whole. So, rally up and take on the challenges together!

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