How to kill Alter Guardians?

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In the popular mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms, players often encounter formidable challenges in the form of Alter Guardians. These powerful bosses guard the Altars and can pose a significant threat to players who are unprepared. So, how can you effectively kill Alter Guardians and claim victory? Here are some strategies to help you conquer these mighty foes.

1. Research and Upgrade: Before engaging in battle with an Alter Guardian, ensure that you have diligently researched and upgraded your commanders, technologies, and troops. This will greatly enhance your chances of success. Focus on military-related technologies, such as infantry, archery, and cavalry upgrades, to maximize your combat effectiveness.

2. Teamwork is Key: Collaboration is crucial when facing an Alter Guardian. Form an alliance or join existing ones to take down these formidable enemies together. Coordinate with your alliance members to determine the best time to attack and strategize your approach. By combining forces, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

3. Optimize Your March: Carefully plan your march and select your troops wisely. Alter Guardians have varying strengths, weaknesses, and counterattack abilities. Familiarize yourself with these attributes and build a march that can exploit their weaknesses. For example, if an Alter Guardian has a weakness against archers, focus on sending an army with predominantly archer units to maximize the damage dealt.

4. Use the Right Commanders: Attacking Alter Guardians requires commanders with strong combat skills and effective special abilities. Choose commanders who possess bonuses or skills that can exploit the weaknesses of the Alter Guardian you are facing. For instance, commanders with combat skills that target specific unit types, such as archers or cavalry, can deal significant damage.

5. Coordinate Skill Activation: Coordinate with your alliance members to time the activation of your commanders’ skills effectively. By activating skills simultaneously, you can unleash devastating attacks on the Alter Guardian, overwhelming it and reducing the chances of it counterattacking.

6. Strengthen Your Alliance Fortress: Your alliance’s Fortress can provide valuable buffs and reinforcements during battles with Alter Guardians. Prioritize upgrading the Fortress and investing in technologies that enhance the combat abilities of troops stationed there. This will provide you with a strategic advantage and increase your chances of victory.

7. Equipment and Items: Equip your commanders with powerful items and gear that can boost their combat abilities. Enhance their weapons, armor, and accessories to maximize their potential. Additionally, use combat items, such as healing potions or rage-restoring items, to sustain your troops’ stamina during prolonged battles.

8. Scout and Plan: Before engaging an Alter Guardian, send scouts to gather information about its strengths, weaknesses, and any special abilities it possesses. This will allow you to tailor your attack strategy accordingly and prepare for any surprises.

Remember, defeating Alter Guardians requires careful planning, collaboration, and a well-coordinated approach. By implementing these strategies and continuously improving your troops and commanders, you can increase your chances of victory and claim the rewards that await. Good luck!

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