Which of the following can not be found in a Silver Chest at the tavern?

Answer: lvl 3 tome of knowledge

Some extra relevant information:

In the exciting world of Rise of Kingdoms, players are constantly on the lookout for valuable rewards to strengthen their kingdoms. One of the sources of these rewards is the tavern, where players can open chests in hopes of finding valuable items. Among the different types of chests available, the Silver Chest holds a special place. But what exactly can you expect to find in these chests, and what can’t you find?

When opening a Silver Chest at the tavern, players have the opportunity to obtain various rewards that can boost their gameplay progress. These rewards often include valuable resources, such as speedups, resources, and even sculptures that can be used to upgrade commanders.

However, it’s important to note that there are certain exclusions when it comes to the contents of Silver Chests. While these chests can provide a plethora of rewards, they do not contain higher rarity items, such as legendary commander sculptures, advanced teleportation items, or epic or legendary equipment blueprints. These exclusive items can only be found in higher-tier chests, such as Golden Chests or Legendary Chests.

While Silver Chests may not offer the most sought-after rewards in the game, they are still a valuable source of items and resources that can aid players in their Rise of Kingdoms journey. They provide a consistent way to accumulate essential resources and take significant strides towards strengthening one’s kingdom.

So, if you’re hoping to obtain those rare and legendary rewards that can transform your gameplay experience, it’s advisable to focus on opening higher-tier chests. However, don’t overlook the significance of Silver Chests, as they still have their own unique contributions to help you progress in Rise of Kingdoms.

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