If we delete an alliance fortress will our total membership decrease like removing a center fortress?

Answer: Yes it will but members will stay, it will show like 146/120. You will need to rebuild that fort to accept new members. Don’t kick your members while you are over member limit or else they wont be able to join the alliance, until the fort is rebuilt.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, the alliance fortress plays a vital role in the cohesion and strength of an alliance. It serves as a center of operations, offering various benefits and bonuses to its members. However, if you delete an alliance fortress, your total membership will not decrease as it does when removing a center fortress. Let’s delve deeper into the specifics.

When it comes to alliance fortress deletion, it is important to understand that the process does not directly affect the number of members in your alliance. Deleting the alliance fortress means dismantling it and essentially abandoning the territory. This action can be taken for strategic reasons such as relocating to another area or merging with a different alliance.

When you delete an alliance fortress, your members will no longer receive the specific bonuses and benefits associated with it. These bonuses might include increased resource production, construction speed boosts, troop training speed enhancements, or research time reductions. Consequently, the absence of these benefits might impact the overall strength and efficiency of your members.

It’s worth mentioning that just deleting the alliance fortress does not remove your alliance from the game. Your alliance will still exist, and your members will remain intact. However, it is crucial to consider the implications of such a decision and make sure to communicate effectively with your alliance members to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Whether you choose to delete an alliance fortress or not should be a carefully considered decision, taking into account your alliance’s strategies, goals, and overall game plan. It is advisable to consult with your alliance leadership and involve your members in the decision-making process to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the cohesion of your alliance.

Remember, the alliance fortress is a symbol of strength and unity for your alliance. Deleting it may have consequences, but it can also present new opportunities and avenues for growth if approached strategically.

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