In the commander view page what buff do commanders acting as “bloodfist guard” get?

Answer: Troop Healt 1%

Some extra relevant information:

Commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game can provide various buffs and bonuses to enhance your gameplay. When it comes to the “Bloodfist Guard” role, there are specific buffs associated with it.

In Rise of Kingdoms, the “Bloodfist Guard” is a role that commanders can assume. By assigning a commander to this role, they become the defender of the city and provide certain benefits to the city’s defenses. It is important to note that not all commanders have this role available.

The specific buff that commanders acting as the “Bloodfist Guard” receive is the “Guardian of the City” buff. This buff provides additional defensive attributes that help protect your city from enemy attacks. The commander in this role will have increased defense stats, allowing them to withstand more damage and prolonging the defense of your city.

The “Guardian of the City” buff is highly valuable, particularly during times of war or when your city is at risk of being attacked. By assigning a commander as the “Bloodfist Guard,” you are strengthening your city’s defenses and increasing the chances of successfully repelling enemy forces.

Remember, it is crucial to strategize and choose the right commander for this role based on their skills and expertise. Some commanders may offer more significant defensive buffs, while others may excel in other aspects of gameplay. Consider evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each commander before designating them as the “Bloodfist Guard.”

Overall, the “Bloodfist Guard” role in Rise of Kingdoms provides commanders with the “Guardian of the City” buff, enhancing the city’s defensive capabilities. By utilizing this role effectively and choosing the right commander, you can fortify your city and withstand enemy attacks more effectively.

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