What units are good for rally barbarian fort?

Answer: Any units are good as long as they match the commander. So if you are using a cavalry specialist commander, send cavalry. Also look out for commanders that are strong against barbarians for extra attack bonuses.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to participating in rally battles against barbarian forts in Rise of Kingdoms, having a solid understanding of the best units to use can greatly increase your chances of success. While there are many factors to consider, such as your civilization’s unique bonuses and the specific level of the barbarian fort, there are some general guidelines you can follow to optimize your rally.

The primary objective in a rally against a barbarian fort is to deal maximum damage while minimizing losses. This requires a balanced combination of troops that can effectively deal damage, sustain hits, and boost your overall army strength. Here are some units that are commonly considered strong choices for barbarian fort rallies:

1. Infantry: Infantry units, such as the Constance and Sun Tzu, are excellent choices for rallying barbarian forts due to their high durability and solid offensive capabilities. They can withstand the brute force of barbarians, hold the frontline, and deal consistent damage.

2. Archers: Archers, like El Cid and Yi Seong-Gye, are known for their devastating long-ranged attacks. Their ability to deal continuous damage from a safe distance allows them to take down barbarians quickly. Archers are great for DPS-focused rallies and performing hit-and-run tactics.

3. Cavalry: While cavalry units can be vulnerable to barbarians due to their lower defensive stats, they make up for it with their exceptional mobility and high damage output. Commanders like Cao Cao and Minamoto no Yoshitsune can quickly reach barbarian targets and deal heavy blows. Cavalry can be useful for flanking maneuvers and hit-and-run tactics.

4. Mixed Troops: Including a mix of different troop types can bring balance to your rally and enhance your overall effectiveness. Combining infantry, archers, and cavalry can give you the flexibility to adapt to different scenarios and exploit the weaknesses of barbarians.

It’s important to remember that choosing the right commanders to lead your troops is equally crucial as selecting the appropriate troop types. Each commander brings unique skills and buffs that can greatly enhance your rally performance. Thus, make sure to pair commanders with complementary skills that maximize their potential for optimal results.

Ultimately, the specific choice of units for a rally against a barbarian fort in Rise of Kingdoms will depend on various factors such as your preferred playstyle, the level of the barbarian fort, and the commanders available to you. Experimentation and adapting to different situations will help you find the optimal troop composition for successful rally battles.

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