What useful tool did Luban make?

Answer: Luban made the useful tool known as the saw.

Some extra relevant information:

Luban, also known as Gongshu Ban, was renowned as one of the greatest Chinese craftsmen and engineers in ancient times. He is credited with inventing and perfecting various tools that were immensely useful in construction and woodworking.

One of the most famous and useful tools that Luban made was the Luban Lock, also known as the Chinese puzzle lock. This mechanical puzzle consisted of interlocking wooden pieces that required intricate movements and manipulation to unlock. The Luban Lock not only served as entertainment but also revealed Luban’s brilliance in craftsmanship and precision engineering.

Beyond the Luban Lock, Luban also invented the sawhorse, a sturdy and reliable tool used to support timber during cutting or shaping. The sawhorse greatly improved efficiency and safety during woodworking tasks, providing a stable platform for craftsmen to work on.

Additionally, Luban developed various ingenious devices to facilitate construction tasks. One notable invention was the cloud ladder, a versatile and portable ladder made from interlocking wooden beams. The cloud ladder was lightweight, easy to assemble, and could be used in various applications, making it a handy tool for construction workers.

Moreover, Luban’s innovative spirit extended to the development of measuring tools. He invented the levelling instrument called the “Gong,” which played a significant role in measuring the height and alignment of buildings. This tool enabled builders to construct structures with precision, ensuring stability and balance.

Luban’s contributions to the world of tools and construction were not only groundbreaking but also revolutionary in their simplicity and practicality. His inventions greatly enhanced the efficiency, quality, and safety of construction and woodworking tasks, making him an esteemed figure in ancient Chinese history.

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