How do I teleport to another location in the realm?

Answer: Use one of the teleport items, teleportation is explained in depth in this page of our guide:

Some extra relevant information:

Teleporting to another location in the realm can be a valuable strategy in the game Rise of Kingdoms. It allows you to quickly reposition your city or alliance to a more advantageous location. Here’s how you can teleport to another location in the realm:

1. Unlock the Teleport Ability: To teleport, you will need to unlock the Teleport ability. This ability becomes available once your City Hall reaches level 5.

2. Use Teleport Items: There are different types of teleport items available in the game, such as Novice Teleports, Random Teleports, or Advanced Teleports. Novice Teleports can be obtained early on in the game and allow you to teleport within your own kingdom only. Random Teleports can be obtained from various events and can teleport you to any location in the realm. Advanced Teleports have similar functionality to Random Teleports but can also be used to teleport your entire alliance. These items can be found in special events, purchased from the VIP shop, or received as rewards.

3. Select Your Destination: Once you have a teleport item, go to the world map and select the location where you want to teleport. You can choose any empty tile or even teleport next to existing cities if the space is available. You can also teleport near your alliance members to support them in battle or participate in alliance-related activities.

4. Confirm the Teleport: After selecting your destination, confirm the teleport by tapping on the appropriate button. Make sure to double-check the location to avoid any mistakes, as teleportation can be irreversible. Some teleport items may also have additional requirements, like being located in your alliance territory or having a designated title within your alliance.

5. Restrictions and Cooldown: It is important to note that there are restrictions and cooldown periods associated with teleportation. Most teleport items have a limited range or can only be used within specific conditions, such as being within your own kingdom or near your alliance territory. Additionally, there is usually a cooldown period between each teleport, which can vary depending on the type of teleport item. Pay attention to these factors before attempting to teleport.

By effectively utilizing the teleport feature in Rise of Kingdoms, you can strategically position your city or alliance, adapt to changing circumstances, and gain an advantage over your opponents.

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