What does the Queen title do?

Answer: Gathering Speed

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, players have the opportunity to earn various titles as they progress through the game. One of the most coveted titles is that of the “Queen.” But what exactly does this title do?

The Queen title in Rise of Kingdoms is granted to the female governor of the alliance’s stronghold, also known as the “Holy Site.” This title holds significant importance and comes with several notable benefits.

First and foremost, being the Queen gives you the power to enact certain policies and make important decisions within your alliance. This includes the ability to appoint alliance officials, manage diplomatic relations, and initiate rallies or reinforce allies in battles.

In addition, as the Queen, you gain access to a unique set of skills that can greatly benefit your alliance. These skills can be unlocked and enhanced through research and investing in the Queen talent tree. Some of the skills include increased resource production, enhanced troop training speed, and improved construction efficiency. These bonuses are crucial for the development and growth of your alliance.

Furthermore, the Queen title grants exclusive access to the Queen’s Gift event, which provides various rewards and resources. Participating in this event allows you to contribute to the growth of your alliance and strengthen its overall standing within the game.

It is worth noting that the Queen title is not permanent and can be passed on to other alliance members. This transfer of power requires careful consideration and strategic planning to ensure that the alliance continues to thrive under new leadership.

In conclusion, the Queen title in Rise of Kingdoms bestows significant authority and benefits upon the player who holds it. From decision-making powers to exclusive skills and event access, being the Queen is a position of great importance within an alliance. So, if you aspire to lead your alliance to victory, strive for the Queen title and harness its rewards to dominate the game.

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