Does the second center fortress add member slots?

Answer: Yes

Some extra relevant information:

Yes, the second center fortress in Rise of Kingdoms does add member slots. The center fortress is an important structure in the game that serves as the core of an alliance’s territory. It provides various benefits and functionalities to the alliance members.

When an alliance upgrades its center fortress to level 2, it unlocks additional member slots. The number of member slots added depends on the alliance technology research and the level of the alliance’s center fortress. Alliance technology research, such as Development and Prosperity, can increase the member capacity of the center fortress.

Having more member slots is advantageous for alliances as it allows them to accommodate more members, which in turn leads to a stronger and more powerful alliance. More members mean more resources, troops, and talents that can contribute to the overall progress and success of the alliance.

In addition to increased member slots, upgrading the center fortress to level 2 also unlocks other benefits such as stronger defenses, the ability to construct additional structures within the alliance territory, and access to higher-level alliance technologies.

It is important for alliance leaders and members to actively work together to upgrade their center fortress and unlock these benefits. By doing so, they can maximize their alliance’s potential and improve their chances of dominating the world of Rise of Kingdoms.

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