What does the Duke title do? Which bonus do you get ?

Answer: exile

Some extra relevant information:

The Duke title in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms bestows players with various benefits and bonuses that can greatly enhance their gameplay experience. Once a player reaches the required criteria to unlock the Duke title, they can enjoy the following advantages:

1. City Buffs: As a Duke, you gain access to city buffs that can be activated to enhance different aspects of your city. These buffs can provide bonuses to resource production, construction speed, training speed, research speed, and troop attack. Utilizing these buffs strategically can significantly boost your city’s efficiency and overall strength.

2. Alliance Help: The Duke title allows you to take advantage of an increased amount of alliance help. This means that you can receive assistance from your alliance members to speed up construction, research, training, and healing of troops. This can save you valuable time and resources, allowing for faster progress and development.

3. March Queue Expansion: Being a Duke grants you the ability to increase the number of marches you can send out simultaneously. This means you can mobilize more troops for various purposes, such as resource gathering, defending your city, or launching attacks on enemy players.

4. Talent Points Increase: The Duke title grants additional talent points, which can be invested in various talent trees to further specialize and strengthen your commander’s abilities. This allows for more flexibility in customizing your commanders based on your playstyle and strategic preferences.

5. Equipment Slot Unlock: The Duke title unlocks an additional equipment slot for your commanders. Equipping them with powerful gear can significantly enhance their combat capabilities and make them more effective on the battlefield.

It is important to note that the Duke title is not permanent and will expire after a certain period. However, players can prolong their Duke status by meeting the title’s renewal requirements or progress further to unlock higher-ranking titles with even greater benefits.

Overall, attaining the Duke title in Rise of Kingdoms brings substantial advantages, including city buffs, increased alliance help, expanded march queue, additional talent points, and an extra equipment slot. These bonuses empower players to strengthen their cities, expand their armies, and dominate the game world.

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