Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST archer enemies?

Answer: Hermann.

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to leading troops against archer enemies in Rise of Kingdoms, it is important to choose commanders whose skills and talents are specifically designed to counter archers. Archers can deal devastating damage from a distance, so having a strong and effective commander is crucial for success on the battlefield.

Among the various commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, there are a few notable choices that excel in countering archer forces. Here are some of the best commanders suited for this purpose:

1. Charles Martel: Charles Martel is a powerful defensive commander from the Infantry unit. His active skill, “Shield of France,” provides a shield for his troops and deals damage to up to five targets in a fan-shaped area, making him ideal for tanking enemy archers while dealing damage in return.

2. Hannibal Barca: Hannibal is a versatile commander from the Cavalry unit, known for his exceptional mobility and ability to disrupt enemy formations. His active skill, “Hannibal’s Invasion,” deals massive damage to up to five targets, reducing their attack for a duration. This ability allows him to quickly engage archer forces and weaken their offensive capabilities.

3. El Cid: El Cid is an excellent commander from the Infantry unit, specializing in leading mixed troop armies. His active skill, “Chain Lightning,” deals significant damage to up to five targets and reduces their rage for a period of time. This skill is perfect for countering archers by both inflicting damage and hindering their ability to activate powerful skills.

4. YSG (Yi Seong-Gye): YSG is a versatile and highly sought-after commander from the Archer unit. He possesses an array of skills that make him a formidable opponent against archer forces. His active skill, “Hammer of the Scots,” deals consistent area damage to multiple targets. Additionally, his expertise skill, “Divine Arrow,” increases the damage dealt to enemy targets, making him a potent choice for combating archers.

5. Lohar: Lohar is a commander specializing in leading Barbarian armies. While not a direct counter to archer forces, his active skill, “Barbarians Rampage,” boosts troop damage and healing, making him an effective option for rallying against archers in the early game.

These commanders are just a few examples of the many options available in Rise of Kingdoms. It is essential to carefully consider their skills, talents, and preferred troop units to ensure their effectiveness against archer enemies. Remember to level up their skills, unlock powerful talents, and equip them with suitable equipment to maximize their potential on the battlefield.

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