How do I increase the level of my army?

Answer: If you mean make more soldiers, then this is done in barracks, just build more. But if you mean you want to make them stronger, then this is controlled in the academy.

Some extra relevant information:

Increasing the level of your army in Rise of Kingdoms is a crucial aspect of the game that will help you become a formidable force on the battlefield. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

1. Training Troops: The primary method to increase your army’s level is by training troops. Upgrade your military buildings, such as the Barracks or Stables, to higher levels to unlock higher-tier units. Having higher-level military buildings allows you to train stronger troops with higher base stats.

2. Research Military Technology: Invest in the military research tree to unlock new technologies that enhance your troops’ capabilities. Prioritize research that directly increases troop attributes or allows you to unlock new types of units. This will give you a significant advantage in battles and help level up your army.

3. Enhance Commanders: Commanders play a vital role in leading your troops and can significantly affect their performance in battles. Level up your commanders by using experience books and sculptures earned through various in-game activities. A higher-level commander brings powerful skills and buffs that can greatly improve your army’s effectiveness.

4. Equipment: Equipping your commanders with high-quality gear enhances their attributes, making them strong leaders on the battlefield. Participate in events, quests, and gather resources to craft or acquire better equipment for your commanders. Upgrading their equipment will provide additional bonuses and increases to your troops’ stats.

5. Reinforcements and Alliances: Joining an alliance allows you to ask for reinforcements from your allies. When your city is under attack, requesting reinforcements can help bolster your armies and increase your overall troop count. This can be instrumental in defending against enemy attacks and leveling up your army.

6. Participate in Events: Take part in various events and special activities that offer rewards like speed-ups or additional resources. Some events focus specifically on strengthening your military power, allowing you to earn valuable items that can be used to level up your troops faster.

Remember, increasing the level of your army requires consistent effort and strategic planning. Focus on training, researching, and improving your commanders to create a powerful army that can dominate the battlefield. With dedication and proper management, your troops will become a force to be reckoned with in Rise of Kingdoms.

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