How do you get alliance technology points?

Answer: Alliance technology points are obtained by members of the alliance contributing resources and speed-ups to alliance research projects.

Some extra relevant information:

Alliance Technology Points in Rise of Kingdoms play a significant role in enhancing the development and strength of your alliance. These points can be acquired through various activities and contributions made by alliance members. Here are a few ways to earn alliance technology points:

1. Alliance Help: One of the primary ways to earn technology points is by actively participating in the alliance help system. Whenever an alliance member requests assistance to speed up their building, researching, or training, make sure to provide help as it not only benefits the requester but also rewards you with alliance technology points.

2. Building and Research: Constructing and upgrading alliance buildings, such as the Alliance Fortress, Alliance Center, or Alliance Market, can contribute towards earning technology points. Similarly, researching technologies in the alliance technology tree also yields points. Focus on completing the available research projects regularly to accumulate more points for your alliance.

3. Alliance Technology Donations: Alliance members can donate resources to contribute to the alliance’s technology points. You can donate resources like Food, Wood, Stone, and Gold to the alliance technology center to boost its progress. Additionally, you can also contribute to specific technologies by donating required resources directly.

4. Alliance Gifts: Periodically, alliance leaders may send out alliance gifts to members. These gifts often provide various rewards, including alliance technology points. Make sure to claim these gifts promptly to benefit your alliance as well as gain personal points.

5. Events and Objectives: Participating in alliance-related events and completing objectives can provide technology points. Keep an eye on in-game events and alliance-specific goals to take advantage of opportunities that reward you with additional alliance technology points.

Remember, alliance technology points are essential for unlocking and improving vital alliance technologies. By actively contributing to your alliance’s growth and participating in alliance activities, you can earn a significant number of technology points, strengthening your alliance as a whole.

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