How long does a flag take to burn and can I decrease that time ?

Answer: Depends on the power rating of the flag. You will also need to camp by the flag as you need to hit it again or it will rebuild itself.

Some extra relevant information:

A flag in Rise of Kingdoms takes a specific amount of time to burn, which is determined by several factors. The base burning time for a flag is 8 hours. However, this can be decreased if certain conditions are met.

The first factor that affects the burning time is the level of your Watchtower. A higher level Watchtower reduces the burning time of flags. Upgrading your Watchtower should be a priority if you want to decrease the burning time.

Additionally, the presence of commanders and their skills can further decrease the burning time. Some commanders have skills that specifically reduce the flag burning time, so it’s essential to choose the right commanders for defending your alliance flags.

Furthermore, using alliance technologies can also help decrease the flag burning time. For example, the “Advanced Construction” technology in the Economic tree reduces the burning time by a certain percentage.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that certain types of flags, like the holy sites, have different burning times compared to regular flags. Burning time for holy sites can range from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the level of the holy site.

To summarize, the base burning time for a flag is 8 hours, but you can decrease it through various means. Upgrading your Watchtower, utilizing commanders with burning time reduction skills, investing in alliance technologies, and considering the type of flag you are defending all play a role in reducing the flag burning time. Strategically managing these factors will help you protect your flags more efficiently in Rise of Kingdoms.

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