I was with an alliance from the beginning and I kept growing till I surpassed all the ppl there with most of them inactive, so I decided to quit, but then the leader contacted me and I’m trying to go back but I can’t. Does the alliance’s power level have to be above mine to be able to join? I don’t even find it when I search in the alliances list.

Answer: No, you can search your alliance name or ask your leader to invite you.

Some extra relevant information:

When playing Rise of Kingdoms, alliances play a crucial role in your growth and success. They provide support, protection, and a sense of community. However, there may come a time when you need to step away from your alliance for various reasons. But what happens if you want to rejoin later?

In order to rejoin your previous alliance, there are a few factors that need to be considered. One of them is the power level of the alliance. In Rise of Kingdoms, alliances have a power level that is determined by the combined power of all its members. If the power level of the alliance drops below your own power level, you may not be able to find or rejoin the alliance.

When searching for an alliance, the game only displays alliances whose power level exceeds a certain threshold. If your previous alliance’s power level has fallen below this threshold, it will not show up in the search results. This means that you won’t be able to rejoin directly through the search function.

However, there is a potential solution to this problem. Communicate with your previous alliance leader and let them know that you would like to rejoin. The leader has the ability to lower the alliance power level requirement temporarily, allowing you to find and rejoin the alliance. Once you are back in the alliance, the leader can then adjust the power level requirement back to its original setting.

Keep in mind that this workaround may vary depending on the alliance leader’s policies and preferences. It’s crucial to maintain open communication and understanding with your leader so they can assist you in rejoining the alliance.

In summary, if you want to rejoin an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, you need to consider the power level requirement. If the alliance’s power level has dropped below yours, you may not be able to find it through the search function. However, by communicating with the alliance leader, they have the ability to temporarily lower the power level requirement, allowing you to rejoin the alliance.

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