By what other name is October also known under Japan’s old calendar?

Answer: Kannazuki.

Some extra relevant information:

In Japan’s old calendar, the month of October is known by another name: Kannazuki. Kannazuki translates to “Month without Gods” in English. This alternate name originates from ancient Shinto traditions and beliefs.

Shintoism is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and revolves around the worship of kami, which are spirits or deities that reside in natural elements such as mountains, rivers, and trees. According to Shinto belief, during the month of October, the kami were believed to be absent or hiding away, leading to the name Kannazuki.

The name Kannazuki reflects a sense of reverence and respect for nature. It acknowledges that during this month, the divine presence may be less visible or accessible to people. This understanding stems from the idea that the kami, like nature itself, have their own cycles and rhythms.

Although Japan now follows the Gregorian calendar and predominantly uses the Western names for months, the old names still hold cultural significance and are sometimes mentioned in traditional ceremonies, literature, or artwork. Kannazuki serves as a reminder of the rich spiritual heritage of Japan and its deep connection to nature and the divine.

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