How do I get Sugar Skulls?

Answer: Yo can get Sugar Skulls by either purchasing Halloween Bundles in the shop, or by spending gems during the spooky surprise event for a chance to get sugar skulls.

Some extra relevant information:

Sugar Skulls are a valuable currency in the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. They can be obtained through various methods, which we will discuss in this article.

1. Halloween Events: During Halloween events in Rise of Kingdoms, Sugar Skulls are often one of the main rewards. These events usually involve different activities such as completing quests, gathering resources, defeating barbarians, or participating in battles. By actively participating in these events and completing the specified tasks, you can earn Sugar Skulls as a reward.

2. Daily Quests: In Rise of Kingdoms, there are daily quests that refresh every day. These quests cover a wide range of activities, such as upgrading buildings, researching technologies, training troops, or gathering resources. By completing these quests, you can earn Sugar Skulls, among other rewards. Make sure to check your daily quests and focus on completing them to accumulate more Sugar Skulls over time.

3. Alliance Donations: Being a part of an active alliance is crucial in Rise of Kingdoms. In many alliances, there is a feature called Alliance Donations where members can contribute resources for the benefit of the whole alliance. By donating resources regularly, you can earn alliance credits. These credits can be exchanged for various items, including Sugar Skulls.

4. Lost Kingdom: The Lost Kingdom is a large-scale event that occurs periodically in Rise of Kingdoms. During this event, different tasks and challenges are presented to the players, offering various rewards. Sugar Skulls can be obtained by actively participating in these tasks and completing them successfully. Make sure to explore and conquer territories, gather resources, and engage in battles during the Lost Kingdom to earn Sugar Skulls.

5. Ark of Osiris: Ark of Osiris is a competitive event where alliances battle against each other for control over a powerful ancient relic. Participation in this event can reward you with Sugar Skulls, along with other valuable rewards. Work together with your alliance members, strategize, and coordinate your efforts to secure victory in the Ark of Osiris, and receive your share of Sugar Skulls.

Remember, Sugar Skulls are a limited-time currency that is usually associated with special events. Make sure to keep an eye out for announcements about seasonal events, as they often bring opportunities to earn Sugar Skulls. Stay active, complete tasks, participate in events, and work together with your alliance to maximize your chances of obtaining Sugar Skulls in Rise of Kingdoms.

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