How much does the 12-hour enhanced attack item increase your troops attack?

Answer: The 12-hour enhanced attack item increases troops attack by 30%.

Some extra relevant information:

The 12-hour enhanced attack item in Rise of Kingdoms is a valuable tool that can significantly boost your troops’ attack power. When activated, this item provides a substantial increase to your troops’ attack stats. However, the specific percentage increase may vary depending on the level of your Commanders and their skills.

In general, the 12-hour enhanced attack item can enhance your troops’ attack by around 20% to 50%. This means that if your troops initially have an attack power of 100, the item can increase it to anywhere between 120 and 150. This significant boost can make a noticeable difference in battle outcomes, allowing your troops to deal more damage to enemy forces.

It is important to note that the effect of the 12-hour enhanced attack item stacks with other attack-enhancing factors such as Commanders’ skills, research, and equipment. By combining these various boosts, you can create a formidable army with formidable offensive capabilities.

To maximize the effectiveness of this item, it is advisable to activate it strategically during critical moments in the game. This could be during alliance wars, barbarian fort rallies, or when attacking other players’ cities for optimal impact. Remember to time it wisely and coordinate with your alliance members to make the most out of this temporary power boost.

In conclusion, the 12-hour enhanced attack item in Rise of Kingdoms can significantly increase your troops’ attack power by approximately 20% to 50%. This boost can be a game-changer in battles and should be utilized strategically to gain maximum advantage. Strengthen your forces and march towards victory with this powerful item in your arsenal.

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