What are the critical VIP levels to reach?

Answer: VIP 6, to unlock the permanent second building queue, then the next really interesting one is VIP 10 where you get a a free daily VIP level 10 chest which contains one legendary commander sculpture.

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular mobile game Rise of Kingdoms, VIP levels play a crucial role in enhancing your gameplay experience. VIP levels provide various benefits that can significantly impact your progress and efficiency in the game. While all VIP levels offer advantages, there are certain critical levels that players should aim to reach for maximum benefits. Let’s explore these significant VIP levels and the advantages they bring.

VIP Level 6: Unlocking the Gatherer Speedup

At VIP level 6, players gain the ability to use a gatherer speedup. This speedup allows your troops to gather resources at an increased rate, helping you to build and upgrade your civilization more rapidly. With the gatherer speedup, you can gather resources faster, giving you a significant advantage in the competitive world of Rise of Kingdoms.

VIP Level 8: Unlocking the Hospital Capacity Upgrades

Hospital capacity is vital for ensuring the survivability of your troops during battles. At VIP level 8, players can unlock hospital capacity upgrades. This means you can heal and protect more troops, minimizing losses and allowing for a faster recovery after conflicts. Increasing your hospital capacity is crucial for maintaining a strong army and staying competitive in the game.

VIP Level 10: Unlocking the Construction Speed Bonus

One of the most sought-after benefits in Rise of Kingdoms is the construction speed bonus. At VIP level 10, players gain access to this valuable perk. With a construction speed bonus, you can reduce the time needed to build and upgrade structures, enabling you to expand your kingdom and strengthen your defenses more quickly. This advantage is incredibly valuable, as it accelerates your progress in the game significantly.

VIP Level 12: Unlocking the Research Speed Bonus

Researching technologies plays a pivotal role in enhancing your civilization’s capabilities in Rise of Kingdoms. VIP level 12 provides players with a research speed bonus, which reduces the time required to complete research projects. This advantage allows you to unlock powerful upgrades and advancements more rapidly, giving you an edge over opponents and letting you stay ahead in the game.

VIP Level 14: Unlocking the Training Speed Bonus

Building a formidable army is crucial for success in Rise of Kingdoms. At VIP level 14, players unlock the training speed bonus, which reduces the time needed to train troops. This bonus allows you to amass a strong army swiftly, providing better defense, more substantial offensive capabilities, and the ability to respond quickly to threats or engage in battles more frequently.

While reaching VIP level 15 grants additional bonuses, such as increased action point recovery and troop load capacity, the levels mentioned above are considered critical milestones due to the benefits they provide. Unlocking gatherer speedup, hospital capacity upgrades, construction speed bonus, research speed bonus, and training speed bonus significantly enhance your overall gaming experience and provide you with a vital edge in Rise of Kingdoms. So, focus on reaching these VIP levels to maximize your progress and dominate the game.

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