Which of these commanders’ expertise skill is the enhanced version of an existing skill?

Answer: Bjorn Ironside

Some extra relevant information:

In the world of Rise of Kingdoms, commanders play a crucial role in leading armies to victory. Each commander has their unique set of skills and expertise that can greatly impact the outcome of battles. One fascinating aspect of commander expertise is the enhanced version of an existing skill.

Among the various commanders in the game, several possess an expertise skill that is an enhanced version of their existing skills. These upgraded expertise skills not only improve the effectiveness of the base skill but also introduce new and powerful abilities to the commander.

One example of a commander with an enhanced expertise skill is Charles Martel. His base skill, “Hold the Line,” increases the defense of his troops. However, with Charles Martel’s expertise skill, “Impregnable Defense,” not only does he enhance the buffs provided by “Hold the Line,” but he also gains the ability to reduce damage received from a specific type of troop.

Another commander with an enhanced expertise skill is El Cid. His base skill, “Chain Strike,” deals skill damage to multiple enemies. With his expertise skill, “Chain of Command,” El Cid’s chain strike gets a damage bonus, and he gains an additional effect where his active skill can reduce the enemy’s rage, making it harder for them to unleash devastating special attacks.

One last example is Scipio Africanus, whose base skill, “Scipio’s Tactics,” increases the march speed of allied troops. When Scipio Africanus reaches level 20 of his expertise, his expertise skill, “Unconquerable Spirit,” is unlocked. This skill not only enhances the march speed bonus but also empowers his troops with an attack bonus if their army strength is lower than the enemy’s, making Scipio an excellent choice for underdog battles.

These enhanced expertise skills offer commanders additional strategic options and make them even more effective on the battlefield. Unlocking and leveling up these expertise skills require investing in a commander’s talent tree and using Tomes of Knowledge, which can be acquired through various in-game events and activities.

In conclusion, the expertise skills in Rise of Kingdoms allow commanders to unlock enhanced versions of their base skills, significantly boosting their effectiveness and opening up new tactical possibilities. Finding commanders with these enhanced expertise skills can elevate your gameplay experience and give you an edge in battles. So, strategize wisely and unleash the full potential of your commanders!

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