How do you remove flags you don’t need?

Answer: Leader of alliance can remove flags

Some extra relevant information:

In the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, flags play an essential role in marking territory and coordinating with allies. However, there may come a time when you need to remove flags that are no longer needed. Whether you want to free up space for new flags or restructure your territory, removing unwanted flags is a simple process. Here are the steps to remove flags in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Open the game: Launch the Rise of Kingdoms app on your mobile device and log in to your account.

2. Access the world map: Once you are in the game, navigate to the world map. You can do this by either tapping on the globe icon or pinching out with two fingers on the screen.

3. Locate the flag: Now, locate the flag that you want to remove from the map. You can identify your flags by the color and design you chose when placing them.

4. Tap on the flag: Once you have found the flag you wish to remove, tap on it. This action will open up a menu with various options related to the flag.

5. Select “Remove”: From the menu, choose the “Remove” option. It may be represented by a trash can or a similar icon. Confirm your decision if prompted.

6. Flag removal: After confirming the removal, the flag will disappear from the map, indicating that it has been successfully removed.

It is important to note that removing a flag does not refund any resources or items used in its construction. Also, if the flag you remove has any troop movements or dispatches associated with it, they will be canceled.

Removing unwanted flags in Rise of Kingdoms allows you to keep your territory organized and optimized for your current strategies and plans. Don’t hesitate to remove flags that are no longer serving a purpose in order to make room for new ones or adjust the layout of your territory.

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