If troops are dead when we fight in orisis league?

Answer: No troops dies in ark.

Some extra relevant information:

When participating in the Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms, it is important to understand the consequences of losing troops in battle. In this intense league, where alliances compete against one another, troops can indeed die in combat.

Unlike regular battles in the game, where injured troops are simply sent to the hospital to recover, the stakes are much higher in the Osiris League. If your troops are defeated and killed during league battles, they will not be automatically brought back to life or healed.

Losing troops can have severe implications for your alliance’s overall performance in the league. The number of troops you have available to deploy impacts your alliance’s strength, strategy, and ability to capture and hold objectives. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully plan and execute your battles to minimize troop losses and maximize victory.

To avoid unnecessary casualties, proper preparation is key. Make sure to train and upgrade your troops regularly, ensuring they are equipped with the best possible gear and commanded by skilled commanders. Additionally, thorough scouting and intelligence-gathering on enemy alliances’ troop compositions and strategies can provide a significant advantage on the battlefield.

During battles, it is essential to take a calculated approach. Strive for strategic superiority by coordinating with your alliance members and leveraging each commander’s unique abilities. Employ strong defensive formations and utilize support units effectively to bolster your troops’ resilience. By doing so, you can increase your chances of victory while minimizing losses.

While winning battles is crucial, it is equally important to focus on preserving your troops. If you find yourself in a losing situation, it may be wise to strategically retreat rather than suffer unnecessary losses. By retreating, you can regroup and reassess your strategy, preserving your forces for future encounters.

In conclusion, the Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms is a challenging and competitive event where troop losses can have significant consequences. To succeed, proper preparation, strategic thinking, and effective coordination with your alliance are essential. Remember, minimizing troop losses maximizes your alliance’s chances of victory, so plan your battles carefully and adapt your strategy as needed to achieve success in this thrilling and strategic league.

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