Fredrick I talent tree?

Answer: Leadership conquering skill.

Some extra relevant information:

Frederick I, also known as Frederick Barbarossa, is one of the legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. With his unique skill set and powerful talents, he can be a formidable leader on the battlefield. In this article, we will take a closer look at Frederick I’s talent tree and how to optimize it for different playstyles.

Frederick I excels in the role of a tanky infantry commander. His skills are focused on improving infantry troops, increasing their durability, attack, and march speed. When it comes to his talent tree, there are various paths you can take depending on your preferred gameplay style.

In the Infantry talent tree, prioritize unlocking the top talents in the Attack and Defense branches. Start with getting “Lord of War” in the Attack tree, which will increase the infantry’s attack by a significant margin. Then, proceed to unlock “Undying Fury” in the Defense tree, which boosts the infantry’s health and defense.

Moving on, consider investing points in the Skill and Mobility branches. In the Skill tree, go for “Insatiable” to increase the skill damage of your troops. In the Mobility tree, acquire “March Speed” to improve infantry march speed. These talents will further enhance Frederick I’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

Next, focus on the Support tree. Prioritize unlocking “Latent Power” and “All for One” in this branch. “Latent Power” increases the damage reduction of garrisoned troops, making your cities more secure. “All for One” enhances the active skill damage of troops, giving Frederick I an extra edge in battle.

Lastly, spend remaining talent points in the Skill tree to unlock “Noble Guard” and “Legend Rhonge.” These talents will enhance Frederick I’s active skill and boost his overall performance on the battlefield.

It is important to note that talent builds can vary depending on your playstyle and the role you want Frederick I to fulfill in your army. This guide provides a solid foundation for an infantry-focused build, but feel free to experiment and adapt the talent tree to your liking.

In conclusion, Frederick I is a powerful infantry commander who can lead your troops to victory. By prioritizing talents that enhance infantry attack, defense, and march speed, as well as improving his active skill damage, you can maximize his effectiveness on the battlefield. Experiment with different talent builds and find the one that suits your playstyle the best.

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