How do I increase my number of kills? I slaughter all sorts of barbarians and participate in rally attacks and my # is flat?

Answer: To increase your number of kills, focus on participating in active battles, such as defending your alliance’s flags or attacking enemy structures, and make sure to prioritize hitting higher level barbarians and commanders for more kills.

Some extra relevant information:

Are you wondering why your kill count in Rise of Kingdoms remains stagnant despite engaging in various activities such as hunting down barbarians and participating in rally attacks? Increasing your number of kills requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Here are some tips to help you boost your kill count in the game:

1. Level up your commanders: Your commander’s level and skills play a crucial role in battles. Focus on leveling up your commanders and unlocking their powerful skills. This will increase their effectiveness in battles and help you secure more kills.

2. Upgrade your troops: Ensure that your troops are adequately trained and equipped. Upgrading your troops through research at the academy and enhancing their equipment at the blacksmith will improve their combat ability. Stronger troops perform better in battles and increase your chances of getting more kills.

3. Select the right troops composition: Each type of troop has specific advantages and disadvantages. Experiment with different troop combinations to find the most effective one for different situations. Some combinations focus on dealing damage, while others excel at tanking. Having a versatile troop composition will enable you to adapt to different battle scenarios and secure more kills.

4. Participate in alliance activities: Joining an active alliance provides opportunities for coordinated attacks and rallying high-level barbarian forts. By working together with your alliance members, you can deal massive damage and increase your kill count significantly.

5. Utilize battle strategies: Instead of engaging enemies head-on, focus on employing effective battle strategies. Utilize tactics such as hit-and-run attacks, flanking, or ambushing to catch your opponents off guard. These strategies will allow you to inflict more damage and secure more kills while minimizing losses.

6. Hunt higher-level barbarians: As your power increases, target higher-level barbarians. These barbarians tend to have more troops and provide better rewards when defeated. Accomplishing this requires continuous growth and upgrading of your commanders and troops.

7. Participate in events and ceremonies: Take advantage of in-game events and ceremonies that offer boosted rewards for defeating barbarians. These events often provide extra incentives such as speed-ups, resource bonuses, or exclusive items. Participating actively during these periods can significantly increase your kill count.

Remember, increasing your number of kills in Rise of Kingdoms requires not only grinding but also implementing strategies, developing your commanders, enhancing your troops, and coordinating with your alliance members. With consistent effort and gameplay optimization, you’ll gradually witness a rise in your kill count.

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