Beginner and so is my friend but I cannot transport into his alliance why is that?

Answer: Have you joined his alliance? If you have then you should be able to use the beginner teleport to do this. If that is not available then try the territorial transport.

Some extra relevant information:

If you are a beginner in the Rise of Kingdoms game and you’re wondering why you can’t transport into your friend’s alliance, there are a few possible reasons for this.

1. Alliance Restrictions: Some alliances have certain requirements or restrictions for joining. These could include minimum power levels, specific languages, or even geographic limitations. Make sure to check if your friend’s alliance has any specific requirements that you need to meet before joining.

2. Alliance Migration: In Rise of Kingdoms, players can migrate to other kingdoms. However, there are restrictions on when and where you can migrate. If your friend is in a different kingdom than you, it’s likely that you’re unable to join their alliance due to these migration limitations. You can only migrate to a kingdom that is relatively new or one that has an immigration period open.

3. Alliance Capacity: Alliances in Rise of Kingdoms have a maximum capacity. If your friend’s alliance is already full and has reached the maximum number of members, you won’t be able to join them until there is an available spot. You can ask your friend to check if there are any open slots for you to join.

4. Alliance Permissions: The alliance leader or officers may have restricted permissions for accepting new members. They might have set certain criteria or a review process to ensure that only suitable players join the alliance. It’s possible that your friend needs to speak with the alliance leadership to see if they can grant you permission to join.

To resolve this issue, it’s best to communicate with your friend and the alliance leadership to understand the specific reasons why you cannot transport into the alliance. They will be able to guide you accordingly and help you find a solution, whether it be meeting the requirements, waiting for a specific migration window, or requesting a spot to be opened in the alliance.

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