What do you do with the remaining commander statues you have when all of the skills are maxed?

Answer: Nothing, until you complete a certain achievement in the Lost Kingdom, and if you that is done you can trade in unwanted sculptures.

Some extra relevant information:

Once you have maxed out all the skills of a commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you might be wondering what to do with the remaining commander statues you have. Since these statues can no longer be used to upgrade skills, you have a couple of options for utilizing them effectively.

Firstly, you can consider using the extra commander statues to level up other commanders. This is particularly useful for commanders who are still in the early stages of their skill development. By allocating the excess statues to these commanders, you can expedite their skill progression and enhance their combat capabilities.

Another option is to convert the extra commander statues into commander sculptures. This can be done through the Commander Sculpture Exchange event, which allows you to trade in unused statues for commander sculptures of your choice. Commander sculptures are valuable in unlocking and upgrading the skills of legendary commanders, so converting your excess statues can be a strategic move to fuel their growth.

Alternatively, you can also participate in the commander sculpture-generating events and use your remaining statues to claim additional sculptures. These events typically require players to complete specific tasks or objectives to earn sculptures as rewards. By actively participating in such events, you can accumulate more sculptures and further strengthen your commanders.

Lastly, if you find that you have a surplus of commander statues and have already utilized the aforementioned options, you can sell them in the VIP shop. The VIP shop offers various items in exchange for commander statues, such as speedups and resources. This allows you to convert your excess statues into useful in-game resources that can benefit your overall gameplay progress.

In summary, when you have maxed out all the skills of a commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you can use the remaining statues to level up other commanders, convert them into commander sculptures, participate in sculpture-generating events, or sell them for valuable in-game items in the VIP shop. By exploring these options, you can make the most out of your unused commander statues and optimize your gameplay strategy.

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