Hello. Could you explain me the migration rules during KVK. If it’s KVK I can migrate out but can’t migrate in? I not understand this. In my kingdom is KVK now, I would like to join to kingdom where is no KVK now. It is possible? I want to find out before I buy passports. Could you help me?

Answer: You can go to older kingdoms before you that is done with theirs. Also, kvk is optional. You can stay in your own kingdom if you dont want to participate

Some extra relevant information:

During the KVK (Kingdom vs. Kingdom) event in Rise of Kingdoms, migrating rules are enforced to maintain fairness and balance among players. These rules govern the movement of players between kingdoms. To clarify your query, let’s break down the migration rules in KVK:

1. Migration OUT during KVK: You can migrate from your current kingdom to another kingdom that is not currently participating in KVK. This means you have the option to leave your kingdom and join a kingdom without an ongoing KVK event.

2. Migration IN during KVK: Conversely, you cannot migrate into a kingdom that is currently in the midst of KVK. This restriction is put in place to prevent players from joining a KVK where they have not contributed from the beginning, ensuring fairness and an even playing field for all participants.

Understanding these migration rules is crucial before investing in passports, which are required to migrate. If you are currently in a kingdom undergoing KVK and wish to relocate to a kingdom without KVK, you need to wait until your KVK event concludes or find another kingdom that is not currently participating in KVK.

It’s always a good idea to research and communicate with potential destination kingdoms to determine if they are in KVK or not. Additionally, consult with your alliance members, kingdom leaders, or reliable community sources to gather the most up-to-date information on KVK status in different kingdoms.

By following these migration rules and planning your moves strategically, you can optimize your gaming experience and make the most of the KVK events in Rise of Kingdoms.

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