With whom did Minamoto no Toshitsune raise an army to fight Taira no Kiyomori?

Answer: Minamoto no Yoshinaka.

Some extra relevant information:

Minamoto no Toshitsune, a prominent figure in Japanese history, raised an army to combat Taira no Kiyomori, who was a powerful and influential leader during the late Heian period. In his bid to challenge the authority of the Taira clan, Toshitsune aligned himself with the Minamoto clan and sought their support to wage a war against Kiyomori.

The Minamoto clan, also known as the Genji clan, was one of the most influential samurai families during that period. They had a longstanding rivalry with the Taira clan, also known as the Heike clan. This conflict eventually erupted into what is famously known as the Genpei War (1180-1185).

Toshitsune sought the help of several key members of the Minamoto clan, most notably his uncle, Minamoto no Yoritomo. Yoritomo was a highly ambitious and capable military leader who quickly rose to prominence and became the central figure in the Genpei War. Together, Toshitsune and Yoritomo strategically mobilized the Minamoto clan’s military forces to confront the Taira clan and ultimately bring down Kiyomori’s rule.

Through a series of intense battles, both on land and sea, the Minamoto forces led by Toshitsune and Yoritomo gradually gained the upper hand against the Taira clan. They successfully rallied various regional samurai families and warriors who were dissatisfied with Taira rule, forming a strong coalition against them.

Minamoto no Toshitsune played a crucial role in this conflict by contributing to the military strategies, leadership, and overall coordination of the Minamoto forces. Although Toshitsune’s contributions to the war effort were significant, it was ultimately Yoritomo who emerged as the primary leader of the Minamoto faction and went on to establish the first bakufu, or shogunate, in Japanese history.

In conclusion, Minamoto no Toshitsune raised an army with the support of the Minamoto clan, particularly his uncle Minamoto no Yoritomo, to confront and ultimately overthrow Taira no Kiyomori during the Genpei War. This conflict marked a turning point in Japanese history and solidified the rise of the Minamoto clan and their subsequent dominance in Japanese politics and military affairs.

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