What are Dark Stalkers?

Answer: Dark Stalkers are a basically guardians of the Altar of Darkness in the Lost Kingdom. They are much stronger than normal stalkers and you just try to get as many of your alliance members as possible at the Altar of Darkness to attack them simultaneously when these guys spawn.

Some extra relevant information:

Dark Stalkers are a powerful and mysterious group of specialized units in the popular mobile strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. These units possess unique abilities and skills that make them formidable adversaries on the battlefield.

In Rise of Kingdoms, Dark Stalkers are renowned for their stealth and cunning tactics. They excel at reconnaissance, sabotage, and guerrilla warfare. They are masters of covert operations and are capable of infiltrating enemy territories undetected, gathering valuable intelligence, and disrupting enemy plans.

Dark Stalkers are often deployed on reconnaissance missions to gather information about enemy forces, fortifications, and resources. They can infiltrate enemy cities and collect valuable data that can give their alliance a strategic advantage. Their ability to scout undetected allows them to relay critical information to their commanders, who can then formulate effective battle strategies.

One of the key attributes that sets Dark Stalkers apart is their ability to sabotage enemy defenses. They can infiltrate enemy strongholds and disable defensive mechanisms, weaken infrastructure, and disrupt supply lines. By doing so, they create chaos and confusion within the enemy ranks, making it easier for their allies to launch successful attacks.

Additionally, Dark Stalkers possess excellent combat skills. They are skilled in both ranged and close combat, making them versatile fighters. Their agility and precision allow them to strike swiftly and move swiftly on the battlefield, often catching their opponents off guard.

To utilize Dark Stalkers effectively, it is important to understand their strengths and weaknesses. While they excel in hit-and-run tactics and surprise attacks, they may struggle against well-fortified defenses and large enemy forces. It is crucial to combine their unique abilities with other units to create a balanced and effective army composition.

In conclusion, Dark Stalkers are an elite group of specialized units in Rise of Kingdoms, known for their stealth, reconnaissance skills, and sabotage abilities. They play a crucial role in gathering intelligence, disrupting enemy forces, and supporting their alliance in achieving victory on the battlefield. If used strategically, Dark Stalkers can be a valuable asset in any player’s arsenal.

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