Why is the game telling me I cant teleport because I’m observing another kingdom?

Answer: If you are observing another kingdom, your city is not located there. To go to that other kingdom, you must migrate, not teleport. Your teleport is limited to your own kingdom, and your troops must be housed inside a building or structure in order to teleport. Note, the building or structure does not have to be yours. It can be a flag, a pass, or another alliance city, but it must be in the kingdom where you are teleporting. You can’t teleport to or from the lost kingdom if your troops are outside your city.

Some extra relevant information:

If you’re playing the game Rise of Kingdoms and you’re seeing a message saying that you can’t teleport because you’re observing another kingdom, there’s a specific reason behind it. This article will explain why you’re encountering this restriction and what it means for your gameplay.

When you’re observing another kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms, it means that you are currently spectating or watching the actions taking place in a different kingdom on the game map, rather than actively participating in your own kingdom. This can happen when you use the game’s observer mode or when you join a different kingdom temporarily.

The reason why you can’t teleport while observing another kingdom is to maintain the integrity and fairness of the game’s mechanics. If players were allowed to freely teleport while observing another kingdom, it could lead to an imbalance in the game and potentially give some players an unfair advantage.

To prevent this, the game imposes a restriction on teleporting while observing a different kingdom. This means that you will need to return to your own kingdom before you can use any teleportation abilities or items. Once you are back in your kingdom, you should be able to teleport or move your city as desired.

Keep in mind that teleporting is a strategic move in the game, allowing players to relocate their city to a different location on the map. This can be useful for various reasons, such as finding a better alliance or resource-rich area, defending against attacks, or launching coordinated attacks on enemy cities.

In conclusion, if you receive a message saying you can’t teleport because you’re observing another kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms, it’s because the game restricts teleportation while you’re in observer mode. Return to your own kingdom and you should be able to teleport freely. Remember to use teleportation strategically to enhance your gameplay experience in Rise of Kingdoms.

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