What is viking civilzation’s special unit?

Answer: The Viking civilization’s special unit is the Berserker.

Some extra relevant information:

The special unit of the Viking civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is the Berserker. The Vikings were renowned for their fierce warriors, and the Berserker epitomizes their warrior spirit. These elite infantry units are known for their incredible strength, fearlessness, and ability to unleash devastating attacks on the battlefield.

Berserkers are unique units that possess powerful offensive capabilities. They are armed with axes and possess exceptional combat skills. What makes them truly exceptional is their ability to enter a state of uncontrollable rage during battles. This berserker state allows them to fight with increased strength and ferocity, inflicting heavy damage on their enemies.

When activated, the Berserkers’ berserker state grants them enhanced attack power, increased attack speed, and improved defense. While in this state, they become more resistant to enemy crowd control effects, making it difficult for opponents to slow or stun them. This makes them highly effective in close-quarters combat and ideal for breaking through enemy lines.

However, it is important to note that the berserker state comes at a cost. While in this state, Berserkers become more vulnerable to enemy attacks and take more damage. This means that strategic positioning and support from other units are crucial to ensure the Berserkers’ survival on the battlefield.

The Berserkers’ unique abilities make them a formidable force in battles. They excel at attacking fortified structures, such as cities and fortresses, as well as enemy infantry units. Their fearless nature and ability to unleash devastating attacks make them a valuable asset in offensive strategies.

In conclusion, the Berserker is the special unit of the Viking civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. These elite infantry units embody the Viking warriors’ spirit and possess incredible combat skills. With their ability to enter a state of uncontrollable rage, they become even more powerful on the battlefield, making them a force to be reckoned with.

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