Who’s faster Belisarius or Cao Cao?

Answer: Belisarius is the best choice for speed, especially if leaving a rallied attack on an enemy city. However, on field if you are jumping and attacking, then I often see Cao Cao used, not Belisarius.

Some extra relevant information:

Belisarius and Cao Cao are both prominent commanders in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms. One common question that arises among players is: who is faster, Belisarius or Cao Cao?

When it comes to speed on the battlefield, both commanders have their strengths and weaknesses. Belisarius, as a Byzantine commander, specializes in mobility and rapid strikes. His active skill, “Whirlwind of Arrows,” increases the march speed of his troops by a significant amount for a short duration. This skill, combined with his talent tree and expertise skill, makes him an excellent choice for hit-and-run tactics, allowing him to quickly engage or withdraw from battles.

On the other hand, Cao Cao, a Chinese commander from the game, also possesses impressive speed-related skills. His active skill, “Swift Strike,” increases the march speed of his troops and deals direct damage to the enemy. Additionally, his talent tree and expertise skill enhance cavalry speed and mobility, making him a popular choice for cavalry-focused strategies.

Comparing the two, Belisarius has better raw marching speed as his skills directly increase the march speed of his troops. However, Cao Cao compensates for this with his versatility and damage-dealing capabilities.

In terms of raw speed, Belisarius boasts a higher march speed bonus. However, Cao Cao’s overall usefulness in battles, especially when it comes to dealing damage, gives him an edge in long-term engagements.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is not solely dependent on their individual speed. Factors such as troop composition, synergy with other commanders, and the enemy’s strategy also play crucial roles in determining a commander’s effectiveness on the battlefield.

In conclusion, while Belisarius might have a slight edge in terms of speed, Cao Cao’s versatility and damage capabilities make him a formidable commander in his own right. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific strategy and goals of the player.

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