Who gains the XP from the barbarins rallys?

Answer: Everyone that participates, check the mailed reports after the attack to see what you get. If it is not XP in the case of rallies against forts then you will receive Tomes of Knowledge which is basically XP which you can assign to any commander.

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, when it comes to barbarian rallies, the experience (XP) gained is distributed among the participants in a fairly straightforward manner. The primary contributor who initiates the rally receives the most significant share of the XP. However, it’s important to note that the XP distribution is also influenced by other factors such as the level of barbarians and the number of reinforcements involved.

Let’s break it down further:

1. Rally Initiator: The player who initiates the rally against the barbarians gains the largest portion of the XP. This is because they bear the majority of the risk, planning, and resource investment required to defeat the barbarians. Therefore, if you are the rally initiator, you can expect a substantial boost to your commander’s experience.

2. Reinforcements: Other players who send troops to reinforce the rally also benefit from additional experience. The amount of XP they gain is relatively smaller compared to the rally initiator, but it still contributes to their commanders’ growth.

3. Archer Commanders: It’s worth mentioning that commanders with archery specialization tend to gain a higher percentage of XP in barbarian rallies. This is due to their natural advantage against barbarians as archers typically inflict more damage to them.

4. Barbarian Level: The XP rewards are influenced by the level of barbarians defeated. Higher-level barbarians grant more experience points. For this reason, targeting tougher barbarians results in better rewards for all participants.

5. Skill Level: Another factor that influences the XP distribution is the skill level of the commander. The higher the skill level, the more XP they will receive from the rally.

It’s important to remember that the experience gained from barbarian rallies plays a vital role in the growth and advancement of your commanders. The more battles they participate in, the faster they will level up, unlocking new skills and talents that enhance their effectiveness in various aspects of the game.

Thus, coordinating barbarian rallies, strategically selecting rally leaders, and reinforcing properly can significantly benefit all participants by boosting their commander’s experience and overall progress in Rise of Kingdoms.

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