How to find Dark Stalkers?

Answer: You find Dark Stalkers at the Altar of Darkness in the Lost Kingdom. Basically these are much more stronger than normal stalkers and you should get as much of your alliance to assemble at the Altar of Darkness when the Dark Stalkers start to spawn so as many of you as possible can attack the Dark Stalkers.

Some extra relevant information:

Dark Stalkers are powerful and elusive creatures in the popular mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms. Finding these menacing foes can be a challenging task, but with proper strategy and a keen eye, you can increase your chances of encountering them. Here are a few tips to help you find Dark Stalkers in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Explore the Dark Forest: Dark Stalkers are known to inhabit the Dark Forest, which is a special event in the game. Keep an eye out for this event and make sure to participate in it. Once inside the Dark Forest, you will have a chance to encounter Dark Stalkers.

2. Activate Dark Blessing: The Dark Blessing is a special buff that increases the chances of encountering Dark Stalkers. It is advisable to activate this buff before entering the Dark Forest. You can obtain Dark Blessing by completing certain challenges or purchasing it in the game’s store.

3. Form alliances: Joining an alliance can significantly increase your chances of finding Dark Stalkers. Allies can share information about Dark Forest events and alert you when Dark Stalkers are nearby. Coordination with your alliance members can lead to more successful encounters.

4. Utilize scouting: Scouting is a crucial tool in Rise of Kingdoms. Use scouts to explore the Dark Forest and locate Dark Stalker territories. By gathering information on their whereabouts, you can plan your attacks more effectively and increase your chances of finding them.

5. Equip the right items: Equipping your commanders with items that boost scouting or increase monster spawn rates can give you an edge in finding Dark Stalkers. Make use of equipment sets that enhance your scouting abilities or increase the likelihood of encountering monsters.

6. Adapt your strategy: Dark Stalkers are formidable opponents, so make sure you are prepared before engaging in battle. Strengthen your commanders, upgrade their skills, and deploy a well-balanced army to maximize your chances of success.

Remember, finding Dark Stalkers requires persistence and patience. Keep exploring the Dark Forest, improve your scouting abilities, and work closely with your allies. By following these tips, you will enhance your chances of finding and defeating these challenging adversaries in Rise of Kingdoms.

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