Which unit strong against infantry?

Answer: Cavalry units are strong against infantry.

Some extra relevant information:

In the game Rise of Kingdoms, there are several units that are strong against infantry. Let’s take a closer look at these units and understand their advantages.

One of the most effective units against infantry in Rise of Kingdoms is the cavalry. With their speed, mobility, and high damage output, cavalry units can quickly flank and decimate infantry formations. They have a strong advantage against infantry due to their charge bonus, which allows them to deal massive amounts of damage upon impact.

Another unit that excels against infantry is the archer. Archers have the ability to attack from a distance, giving them an advantage over close-combat infantry units. They can rain down arrows on infantry formations, gradually wearing them down and weakening their ranks. Archers are particularly effective when positioned behind other units, as they can unleash their firepower without being directly engaged in melee combat.

In addition, siege units like catapults and ballistae can also be devastating against infantry. These units are specifically designed to deal area damage, making them highly effective against tightly packed infantry formations. They can break through enemy defenses and weaken or kill multiple infantry units with a single attack.

Lastly, certain commander skills and talents can further enhance the performance of units against infantry. Many commanders have skills that increase the damage dealt or decrease the defense of infantry units. Choosing the right commander and utilizing their skills wisely can significantly boost the effectiveness of your units in combat against infantry.

When facing infantry-heavy armies, it is crucial to leverage these units’ strengths to gain an advantage on the battlefield. By strategically combining cavalry, archers, siege units, and utilizing commander skills, you can create a formidable force that will overpower infantry formations and lead you to victory in Rise of Kingdoms.

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