What should I buy in the Courier Station?

Answer: I make it a matter of course that I buy absolutely everything that is available for resources, not gems. I hardly buy anything at the Courier Station with Gems.

Some extra relevant information:

When playing Rise of Kingdoms, one of the important features you will encounter is the Courier Station. This building offers a variety of items that can be purchased using Courier Coins. But which items should you prioritize buying? Let’s delve into some recommendations.

1. Universal Speedups: Speedups are essential for reducing construction, research, and training times. They are incredibly useful for accelerating your overall progress in the game. Therefore, purchasing Universal Speedups from the Courier Station is a smart investment.

2. Resources: The Courier Station often offers bundles that contain various resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold. These bundles can provide a quick boost to your stockpile and help you sustain constant growth without facing resource shortages.

3. VIP Points: VIP Points are valuable for gaining VIP levels, which unlock numerous benefits and bonuses. The Courier Station sometimes offers VIP Points for sale, making it a convenient way to boost your VIP level and enjoy the associated advantages, such as increased construction speed and training queue capacity.

4. Legendary Sculptures: Legendary Sculptures are essential for unlocking and leveling up powerful commanders. They can greatly enhance your military capabilities and make a significant difference in battles. Keep an eye out for Legendary Sculptures in the Courier Station and purchase them to strengthen your roster of commanders.

5. Stars: Stars are primarily used to unlock and level up talents for your commanders. They are a vital resource in optimizing commander skills and maximizing their effectiveness on the battlefield. Acquiring Stars from the Courier Station can expedite your commander development and give you a strategic advantage.

6. Books of Covenant: These books are necessary for upgrading your technologies in the Academy. As research is a pivotal aspect of the game, obtaining Books of Covenant from the Courier Station can accelerate your technological advancements and give you an edge over your opponents.

Remember, the availability of items in the Courier Station is subject to change, so it’s important to check periodically for new offerings. Analyze your current needs and prioritize purchases based on your specific gameplay strategy. By investing your Courier Coins wisely, you can boost your progress and strengthen your kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms.

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