Which technology comes right before swordman?

Answer: Iron Working 😃

Some extra relevant information:

In the fascinating world of Rise of Kingdoms, a popular strategy game, technology plays a crucial role in advancement and military might. To answer the question, the technology that comes right before the swordsman is the “Metal Casting” technology.

Metal Casting is a critical technological advance that unlocks the ability to train swordsman units in the game. This technology allows civilizations to master the art of smelting and shaping metals, paving the way for the creation of stronger and more effective weapons.

Acquiring the Metal Casting technology is a significant milestone as it grants players access to the powerful swordsman unit. Armed with swords and shields, these infantry units excel in close-quarters combat and serve as formidable warriors on the battlefield.

Researching Metal Casting requires a well-developed economy, particularly in the “Economy” tech tree, as it often comes as an intermediate step. It is advisable to prioritize economy-related technologies to ensure a smooth progression towards Metal Casting.

Furthermore, unlocking Metal Casting technology opens up a pathway for additional advancements, such as the ability to research Iron Working, which leads to more advanced units like the Heavy Infantry and even stronger technologies in the military tech tree.

In conclusion, Metal Casting is the essential technology that precedes the swordsman unit in Rise of Kingdoms. Mastering this technology brings civilizations closer to gaining access to powerful infantry units that can turn the tides of battles. So, research diligently and forge ahead towards unlocking the might of the swordsman!

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