What is not Matilda’s skills?

Answer: Matilda does not have the skills “Arrow Storm” or “Metal Rain.”

Some extra relevant information:

When it comes to the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms, Matilda is a commander known for her exceptional skills and capabilities. However, it is equally important to understand what her skills do not encompass. Matilda does not possess certain abilities that are crucial for specific gameplay strategies.

Firstly, Matilda does not excel in rallying barbarians or farming resources. While she may prove useful in certain battles against barbarians, her skills are not specifically tailored towards maximizing efficiency in this regard. Players seeking commanders with skills focused on farming resources or leading successful rallies against barbarians may want to consider other options within the game.

Additionally, it is important to note that Matilda does not have a primary focus on healing or supporting troops. While her skills may aid in providing minor healing effects to nearby troops and boosting their defense, she lacks the potent healing abilities possessed by dedicated support commanders. Therefore, players looking for commanders primarily focused on healing and support roles should explore alternative options.

Lastly, Matilda does not possess unique skills for siege battles or city defense. While she may function adequately in these scenarios, there are other commanders in Rise of Kingdoms who possess specific skills designed to maximize effectiveness in sieges or defending cities. Players aiming to bolster their troops’ performance in such situations may want to consider commanders with skills more attuned to these specific circumstances.

In conclusion, while Matilda is a skilled commander in Rise of Kingdoms, it is important to recognize that she is not a specialist in rallying barbarians, farming resources, healing/support roles, or siege battles/defending cities. Players should weigh their specific requirements and preferences when choosing commanders suitable for their gameplay strategies.

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