Which of these items can NOT be purchased within the Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique?

Answer: VIP points.

Some extra relevant information:

The Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique in Rise of Kingdoms offers a variety of valuable items for players to purchase and enhance their gameplay experience. With a wide selection of items available, there are a few exclusions to keep in mind.

Among the assortment of items offered by the Mysterious Merchant, one particular type cannot be acquired through this unique marketplace. This category is known as commander sculptures or statues. Unfortunately, players cannot purchase commander sculptures directly from the Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique.

Commander sculptures, also referred to as statues, are crucial for upgrading and leveling up commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. These valuable items allow players to enhance the skills and attributes of their chosen commanders, making them more powerful on the battlefield.

While the Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique provides an array of valuable resources and items such as speedups, resources, chests, and other useful items, commander sculptures are not among the available options. To acquire commander sculptures, players must explore other avenues such as gathering from barbarians, participating in events, opening chests, using gems in the VIP shop, or obtaining them as rewards for completing objectives within the game.

With the absence of commander sculptures in the Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique, players should be aware of alternative methods to acquire these vital items. Utilizing different strategies and taking advantage of in-game events and activities will help players progress and strengthen their commanders to their fullest potential.

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