Which of these is yi seong gye expert in?

Answer: Garrison.

Some extra relevant information:

Yi Seong Gye, also known as Yi Sun-sin, was a renowned military leader and a key figure in Korean history. He is primarily known for his expertise in military strategy and naval warfare.

Yi Seong Gye is particularly famous for his role in the Imjin War, which took place from 1592 to 1598. During this conflict, he successfully defended Korea against the Japanese invasion. His remarkable achievements on the battlefield were largely due to his strategic brilliance and tactical innovations.

One of the most significant contributions Yi Seong Gye made to military strategy was the development of the “turtle ship.” This vessel, designed under his command, was a highly effective naval warship that played a crucial role in repelling Japanese forces. The turtle ship’s distinctive feature was its iron-plated roof, which resembled a turtle’s shell and provided excellent protection against enemy attacks.

Yi Seong Gye’s military success was not just limited to naval warfare. He also displayed exceptional skills in land-based operations. His ability to make quick decisions, adapt to changing circumstances, and use terrain to his advantage set him apart as a brilliant military strategist.

In addition to his expertise in warfare, Yi Seong Gye was also an exceptional statesman. After the war, he established the Joseon Dynasty and became its first king, known as Taejo. Under his rule, Korea experienced stability and prosperity for several centuries.

Overall, Yi Seong Gye was an esteemed military leader with a keen understanding of military strategy, particularly in naval warfare. His contributions to Korean history and military tactics continue to be recognized and celebrated to this day.

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