Which of these civilizations can increase their hospital capacity?

Answer: Byzantines

Some extra relevant information:

In Rise of Kingdoms, several civilizations possess the ability to increase their hospital capacity, ensuring the efficient healing and recovery of troops. These civilizations include the Byzantium, Ottoman, and French civilizations.

The Byzantine civilization, known for its strong defensive capabilities, has a special civilization bonus called “Tactics of the Basileus.” This bonus increases the capacity of hospitals by 5% and reduces the speed at which severely wounded troops are converted into wounded troops by 5%. This ability is particularly useful during intense battles, as it allows for a larger number of troops to be treated at once, minimizing losses and ensuring a stronger comeback.

The Ottoman civilization is renowned for its military might and efficient resource production. One of their unique features is the “Sipahi” ability, which enhances hospital capacity by 10%. This advantage is invaluable, as it enables players to house more wounded troops and heal them swiftly, maintaining a formidable army ready for future engagements.

Lastly, the French civilization excels at both economic growth and military prowess. Their special civilization bonus, known as the “Courtly Love,” grants them a 10% increase in hospital capacity. This added capacity allows for more troops to be treated simultaneously, enhancing recovery speed and maintaining a significant fighting force, even amidst challenging battles.

It is worth noting that although these civilizations specialize in increasing hospital capacity, players can further enhance this ability through research, technology upgrades, and the use of commanders with healing-related skills. By combining these elements, players can strengthen their hospital capacity significantly, ensuring a faster recovery time for wounded troops and ultimately improving their overall gaming experience.

In conclusion, Byzantium, Ottoman, and French civilizations are among the Rise of Kingdoms civilizations that possess the unique ability to increase their hospital capacity. This advantage enables players to better manage their troops, recover from battles more efficiently, and ultimately become more formidable forces in the game.

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