Can you migrate while your wall is burning from powering down?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Some extra relevant information:

One of the key features in the popular strategy game Rise of Kingdoms is the ability for players to migrate from one kingdom to another. This allows players to experience new challenges, join different alliances, and explore fresh strategies. However, a common question that often arises among players is whether it is possible to migrate while the wall is burning from powering down.

In Rise of Kingdoms, the wall is an essential defensive structure that protects your city from enemy attacks. Burning walls occur when the wall is damaged due to an attack, and it requires time and resources to repair it. Powering down, on the other hand, is a process where you dismantle certain buildings in your city in order to gather resources and regain control over your kingdom.

Now, can you migrate while your wall is burning from powering down? The simple answer is no. In order to migrate successfully, your city must be in a safe and stable condition. This means that your wall should be intact and not burning from any attacks or powering down.

Migrating with a burning wall can be risky. If you migrate with your wall in a damaged state, you leave your city vulnerable to further attacks in your new kingdom. This can lead to detrimental consequences, such as losing your troops, resources, and even your entire city.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the necessary precautions before considering migration. Ensure that your wall is fully repaired and your city is secure before initiating the migration process. This way, you can safeguard your progress and minimize the risks associated with moving to a new kingdom.

In conclusion, while migration is an exciting aspect of Rise of Kingdoms, it is important to prioritize the safety and security of your city. Do not attempt to migrate while your wall is burning from powering down or any attacks. Take the time to repair and strengthen your defenses before embarking on a new journey in a different kingdom.

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