Which of the following technologies precedes horsemanship?

Answer: Military Discipline

Some extra relevant information:

Before the advent of horsemanship, humans relied on various technological advancements to aid in transportation and warfare. One such technology that preceded horsemanship is the domestication of animals for labor and transportation purposes. This enabled humans to utilize the strength of animals to carry heavy loads or provide assistance in various tasks.

The earliest known domesticated animals used for transportation were donkeys and mules. These animals were able to carry goods and people over long distances, reducing the strain on human labor and facilitating trade and communication between distant regions. The use of donkeys and mules as pack animals was prevalent in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Persia.

In addition to donkeys and mules, the domestication of oxen also played a crucial role in transportation. Oxen were used to pull wagons or plows, making it easier to transport goods or cultivate farmland. The use of oxen as working animals dates back to the Neolithic period and was prevalent in civilizations like Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Another technological advancement that preceded horsemanship was the invention of wheeled vehicles. The development of wheeled carts and chariots revolutionized transportation and warfare. Wheeled vehicles allowed for the efficient movement of goods and personnel over long distances. The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and later civilizations like the Assyrians and Persians utilized chariots in warfare, granting them a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

The domestication of animals and the invention of wheeled vehicles were crucial steppingstones before the rise of horsemanship. It was the combination of these technologies along with the domestication and training of horses that ultimately led to the transformative impact of horsemanship on human civilization. The ability to ride horses revolutionized transportation, warfare, and communication, opening up new possibilities for exploration, conquest, and expansion.

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